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on 08 Oct 2017 11:32 PM
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Therefore who is the optometrist ? Opto comes from optics, metrist from a measurement. This is a specialist, who acquired appropriate qualifications and specialises in measuring eye refraction in order to correct visin defect by dispensing ophthalmic or contact lenses. Optometris can also treat binocular vision problems by applying vision therapies, which are specific exercises recovering correct visual system functions. This finishes the powers optometrist in Poland.Kim więc jest optometrysta ? Optometrist is not a doctor so does not diagnose and treat eye diseases . He is a first contact specialist and refers the patient to an ophthalmologist if necessary.


When we come into the office on a sight test we generally have three options:

So next time when you greet an optometrist 's office in Poland , ask what kind of degree he holds. Optometrists are not equal here. If he will not bee to much convincing in explanations, try to find a better one.