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on 16 Oct 2017 11:54 PM
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Gwarancja Satysfakcji

People generally plan to purchase a new washing machine, TV or food mixer with extreme care. They spend many hours of their time to waste it in crowded shopping malls during weekends. They search for bargains, compare models, their features, prices, technologies. They are willing to take out loans, borrow among friends, family or at work to buy a new,let's say, OLED TV. At the same time they disregard the fact that they have difficulty in seeing the prices on labels well, recognize friends on the street or road signs.

They are willing to spend few thousand zlotys on a TV, but in their opinion, a pair of glasses should not be more expensive than 250. It does not matter that they cannot see the other end of their living room without their glasses, a bill in a restaurant, or miss their dinner on a plate. Ingenuity of people with poor eyesight , avoiding unnecessary expense in their opinion, is unlimited. I saw a middle-aged man, who made a photo of a bill with his smartphone and enlarged the picture on the screen in order to pay his bill at a restaurant. More than 50 % of the population needs vision correction to see the world better. It is used, however, by only about 30 % of people, and even this group is often not well corrected. Does this the most important of our senses not deserve the greatest attention... and for a greater share in our spending portfolio ? Shouldn't it we save our money somewhere else but good vision ? After all, our security , success at work and social life depends on how well we see. Think about it next time planning your visit at Eye Care Specialist practice.